What I’ve been working on in the Studio: Crane Ornaments!

One of the great benefits of having a studio in an Art building is the tremendous array of other working artists and art businesses that you come in to contact with. Last year, as we were getting organized for our first holiday season, we started talking to the wonderful women at PossibiliTree (www.PossibiliTree.com) about using their trees for our ornament display.

This year, I created several sets of Origami cranes to go with the three sizes of trees that they offer, and they are the first items that I have for sale in my Zibbet shop! (https://www.zibbet.com/tiglio-arts). The set above is for their 3ft tree, and is shown in the red colorway.

I’ve discovered that setting up an online shop involves quite a bit more than getting good photographs and some descriptive text pulled together. You need to do official policies and shipping options, set up tax rates for different locales, and much more. It’s been an interesting exercise and Zibbet is a reasonable place to get started. They have a very different payment structure from Etsy (no per item fee for example), which suited me for this experiment, but the limits on your page layout mean that I will be working on my own hosted site over the next few months. (Yes, I’m still part computer geek, and probably always will be!)