Reflections of my life in my work

As I have been going through some of the exercises that Tory has set for me in the past few weeks, part of this process has involved looking back over my work to analyze what I am succeeding with and where I need to do more work. This has ended up not only in my seeing the seeds of my current evolution but also in recognizing just how much my work has reflected my state as a whole in my life.

When I have been in conflict, there is conflict in my pieces. When I have been looking at new paths, like leaving IT for full time art, my work has shown this exploration of new directions and ideas. If I am feeling confused, it shows up in muddy work- quel surprise!

Before this exercise, I would have said that I could understand how my work would reflect where I was in my life, but I don’t think I realized just how much it is impossible to separate our lives from our art. My lesson from that is that I need to respect the importance of taking care of myself if I want my art to be focused, whole and healthy!