Jude Hill

Ms. Awk, Breaker of Boxes (by Heather Tinkham)


Where to start with how Jude’s stories, work, and process have impacted me? I think the hardest part for me is that much of her “technique” is not new to me since I was a quilter for many years in my 20s and early 30s, yet I now look at stitch and fiber work completely differently after following her for the last year plus. What makes it different? It’s not something I have a single or simple answer for, and it isn’t something that is “done” by a long shot.

Some of it is the fabric. She has an astonishing collection of fiber from her years in the textile industry, and she continues to alter and interpret the bits and pieces in new ways that respect their dignity even in the decline of their stability in some cases.

Miss Mazie of Grand Marais (by Heather Tinkham)

Some of it is the flavor of illustration and deep spirit in her creatures and designs. Her drawings and mappings of thoughts draw me in, often making me wonder how I didn’t see that connection before when it seems so obvious now. Others leave me pondering and trying to understand how I might see the ideas differently when her path doesn’t sit quite right. It always make me think and reflect.

Some of it is how her drawings infect her stitchwork, transforming the basic beginnings to amazingly integrated cloth and story. There are times when my spirit drinks in the details of her photos with a thirst that tells me I need to spend more time with my own fiber, digging in and spending time with the act of stitching and design.

I am tremendously grateful for her generosity and willingness to share her thoughts, process, and classes. She has definitely helped me find my way home to fiber and story in ways that I had never expected.

She has an extensive blog, learning center, and flickr collection. If you have never seen her work, you are in for a wonderful adventure!