Tiglio Arts: Artwear for Body, Home, and Soul

Threads of Our Lives, Spirit Doll, 2015

Tiglio Arts is a collective umbrella for my widely varied media interests in Fibers, Polymer, Jewelry, Kinetic Sculptures (aka Mobiles), and Visual Arts.

About my art work:

Art has always been part of my life, from carving linoleum blocks in my mother’s studio and taking silversmithing as a teenager to quilting, polymer, and mixed media work as an adult. It has become my full time focus in recent years, and I find the balance of creative expression and analytic thinking that are the life of an artist to be a perfect place for me. I have come to see the value of opposites and their interplay in the complexity of our world. My work explores these tensions and complimentary relationships through visual stories and characters.

Art as a practice includes vital lessons about experimentation, learning, failing, expression, discovery, analysis, and observation that share much with the sciences. My education has spanned IT, business, theater, and organizational behavior, allowing me to see firsthand the overlap in skills among fields that are typically seen as opposites. I pull as much from my doctoral training in research as I do from my communications and design exercises in theater when I explore new ideas in my art. For me, life is about the balanced systems of opposites that sustain growth and evolution rather than any single best solution.

That view, combined with years of study in media ranging from metal to clay to fibers, has led me to mix materials as needed to express the feelings and ideas that make up my pieces. I love supporting other artisans and makers, so I also incorporate hand spun and hand dyed fibers from small producers as well as lampwork and ceramic art beads. I feel that each of these layers adds to the richness and complexity of the pieces, reflecting the way life evolves and we emerge as individuals.

My art is about making some piece of the implicit, unnoticed, or hidden parts of our worlds more available and explicit. By doing so, I hope to enable a fuller connection to and engagement in our environments. I feel that without that connection, we become far less aware of the impact of our choices and actions, for both the positive and the harmful.

About my practices:

I am also an avid fan of diversity and the value of understanding the need for balancing elements in our world and our lives. When we move toward any sort of mono-culture, be it food, heritage, gender, age, etc., we lose not only a wonderful richness but also a very necessary ability to adapt and thrive in our environment. There is no single “right” answer or way, and certainly not any one that lasts over time as we evolve! Spirit Nest in progress

To do my art, I strive to “forget the names of things”, to see and reflect their core essence, using whatever media serves the purpose. This means practicing with many different media on a regular basis, experimenting with new materials, and understanding the science of how the materials work together. It is a wonderful blending of my technical and scientific background with my creative and artistic training.

About the site and the Studios @ Chautauqua Lane:

My personal blog posts are located here, my posts on things that inspire me are here,  and I have a temporary storefront open on Square Marketplace while I work out the kinks of hosting my own shop. At this point, I only have a few of my jewelry, fiber vessels, and other work, but more will be coming soon!

If you would like to come visit my studio, we are generally open the First Thursday evening of each month, 5-9pm, and Saturday afternoons from 12-4pm. I am happy to meet you by appointment as well if those times do not work for you. A map and information about the studio are available at our Studios @ Chautauqua Lane site.

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