Heather’s Got Wings!

As I have told people about this new focus on my art in my life, I have heard some really interesting comments. One of the ones that struck me the most was “Heather’s got wings!”, so of course I had to try to figure out why that hit me so strongly.

My first reaction was to smile and laugh as the idea of taking flight was delightful. It has been very freeing to let go of the stress of developing software at large corporate clients and the switching focus between art and IT.

I also realized that the idea of wings to be able to soar was an appealing alternative to thinking of art dolls or other winged figures as “angels”. They may well be representations of angels for some artists, but I like a broader view where they are part of spirit in general. I think there are many different ways to understand the world, so having a concept that transcends definitions tied to a single tradition makes more sense to me. It lets me appreciate representations from many more cultures and belief sets.