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Art of all sorts has been a constant partner to my career throughout my life and I have ended up with an eclectic taste in media as a result.

IMG_1768Fiber, whether as yarn or fabric, has been the most constant passion. It has taken me through quilting, crochet, knitting, felting (wet and dry), and now in to freeform work as part of my Spirit Totems. I do carry some wearables in the studio during the colder months that are my own designs, but my primary form remains the Spirit Nests.

I began making jewelry to supply my avid desire for unique, stylish, and well made earrings and other jewelry. My first metalworking class was from a program at UNH that I took while in high school, and I have continued with the wire work, semi-precious gemstone, and polymer materials in the intervening decades. My favorite designs have evolved in to small kinetic sculptures in their own right, often with a rustic /organic or Asian flair. photo 1

About 10 years ago, as I sought out more unique components to go in to my jewelry, I discovered Polymer clay. This is truly a medium that is easy to start with but takes patience, practice and dedication to master. I now spend much of my time experimenting with finishes and textures to achieve designs that have a tension between contrasting elements, yet retain a balance that keeps them interesting to look at for years. The Art Beads are one output of those exercises and display the wide range of techniques that I have explored.

The Spirit Totems are an evolution of my Spirit Nests to a more traditional wall format. They are expressions of deep emotions and ideas and reflect some of my most personal work. These are my soul song pieces, and they take a while to create and to experience as a viewer.


Fiber Gallery

  • Ms. Awk, Breaker of Boxes, 2016

  • Miss Mazie of Grand Marais, Hand stiched mixed fiber media, polymer, 2016

  • The Traveler, 2016

  • Soul Jazz, 2015

  • Snarl of Shoulds, 2015

  • Threads of Our Lives, 2015

  • Aoife, Guardian of the Sister Posse Needle felted wool, polymer, steel

  • Felted Bag

  • Hand Crocheted OOAK Bag, Recycled Fair Trade Sari Silk

Jazz Doll
Jazz Doll
Mixed media spirit doll 2015
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Polymer Clay jewelry, vessels, ornaments, and small sculptures