February already?

I don’t know where January went! We had a few balmy days right at the end of January and then we have had a run of snowy days here in Minnesota, so now we are back to blindingly white snow cover.

I have found a new inspiration-artist whose extensive blog and classes have kept me company as I fight a cold that has been going around. Her name is Jude Hill and she makes Spirit Cloths. Sounds exactly like where I am headed this year- exploring my Spirit work in fiber! I was already in progress with a piece I am calling Journeywoman (for now), and Jude’s thoughts on stitch and the building up of an integrated “fabric” /quilt in a slow process of reflection are encouraging me to slow down and be more reflective as I stitch.

On a more directly applied side, she has a “split backstitch” that I love the look of, so it will be appearing frequently from now on, I think. A word of warning – it is easy to wander through her videos, posts, and lessons for a long time! Her work is entrancing and her candor refreshing. And she does amazing cats and other beasts.