Changing is easier than Change

Dessert bloom plaqueChanges tend to be the focus of celebrations or ceremonies that help us make the transition to some new state or place. There are weddings, graduations, christenings, funerals, wakes, and parties where we gather friends and family around  for support. But what about the months that follow, after the newness has worn off and things are “back to normal”?  That is when a whole new round of work kicks in – maintaining that change or new balance.

I have made profound changes in my life before so I know this point will come down the road. For now, I truly appreciate all the congratulations and support from people from all the parts of my life, including several that I haven’t seen in quite a while.

At the suggestion of a wise woman, I am laying a kind of reverse breadcrumb trail for my future me to find when the excitement starts to wane and I need reminders of why “this is where I want to be”. Some of it will be pieces on the verge of their next steps, where I know exactly what I need to do next, and some of it will be little prompts of why I need to do this.  When I first walk back in to my studio after my trip to see family or my day of recovery after the bustle of Art A Whirl, these are things to make me smile and, as another friend said, my soul sing.