AAW 2017 Recap

M’Lee, The Care-Taker, steward of the earth

The visitors this year at the studio were amazing! We weren’t sure how the weather would impact things, and the downpour on Saturday was impressive to say the least. Still, thousands did brave the rain, traffic, and parking challenges to visit and we had so many wonderful conversations about our art with people. We encouraged people to return on First Thursdays or Saturday afternoons when we are also open but able to spend more time with them, and I hope they take us up on it!

This year we had two new artists in the space, Joan Kloiber and Ellen Starr (guest through June 2017), and we had almost twice the display area for art than we have had in past years! I managed to get 2 of the 3 new wall pieces I was working on completed (barely!), and ended up bringing my OOAK (one of a kind) hats back out. It was chilly enough that people were very interested in something to help keep warm!

So now there is some bookkeeping and summer planning to do, and then I get to dive back in to the studio. I rearranged some things prior to AAW so I am looking forward to taking advantage of the new layout and cleaned up work space. My list of ideas for new work seems to grow daily.

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