2016: A New Year, changes ahead


60 years: The Road Goes Ever On, hand beaded & quilted journal cover for my sister’s 60th birthday                           © 2015 Heather Tinkham

Each new year brings a prompt to evaluate the past and consider options for the future, and 2016 is no different. The last year had its share of challenges and changes as I continue to refine my artistic voice, skills, and consider the right path for Tiglio Arts as a business as well as an outlet for my art.

One major influence was my husband Andy’s decision to start up Geeky Monkey Photography as his business / art company. We had his night sky photography exhibit in the studio for November and December as a guest artist and had a tremendous response to it (understandably so- it’s gorgeous!). This led us to consider the right business organization for us going forward, and with some input from Springboard for the Art’s legal clinic, we will be creating an LLC in 2016 called Geeky Arts, LLC to be the parent for Tiglio Arts, Geeky Monkey Photography, and my freelance Arts/ IT consulting that has been growing on its own when I wasn’t looking. 🙂

The common theme for me between my art and the IT work is that I truly believe that both the arts and sciences give us critical tools to navigate in our increasingly complex and volatile world. As my art has shifted far more strongly toward “spirit work”, with Spirit Totems, Spirit Dolls, and Spirit Nests, it has also begun to more explicitly incorporate the cycles that occur naturally between our more creative and analytic sides, or the natural and synthetic aspects of life. At the same time, my broadening involvement with arts groups and events in Northeast Minneapolis and the Twin Cities has increased my awareness of the need for analytic and technical capabilities in our artistic endeavors.

My desire to help those around me grow and succeed has led me to be more and more involved in providing technical support and business and strategy assistance. The challenge comes in balancing these demands with my need for time to do my own art, and that will continue to be a challenge. It is important to me to give back to those around me and these are skills that I have honed over my decades in consulting, so this is quite a natural progression in my mind.

As they used to say on TV when I was young, tune in next week to see what happens next!