Month: March 2015

March ABS challenge: Emily Carr’s Haida Totems

It seems that each month brings a slightly different sort of challenge, or at least I keep finding new things to learn about my work as I do them! I loved the colors in her watercolor and I have always been fond of the Pacific Northwest, so I expected this month to be at least easier than last month. I did some searching for other images by Carr and found that she used more vibrant colors in other pieces and a bit about her history.

I was in NH for several weeks visiting my mother and I took advantage of her art library to see what she had on Inuit art in general and totems in particular. I realized that I was far more used to seeing strong contrasts and bold colors in both totems and Inuit prints, which led me to ponder the pale shades of Carr’s watercolor and what this discrepancy might mean to me.